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Earth: Los Angeles River
In the relentless pursuit of progress during the mid-twentieth century, Los Angeles emerged as the quintessential example of manifest destiny, where no expense was spared in crafting what was hoped to be an urban utopia. Personal cars and sprawling freeways became the arteries of this city, promising passage into a brighter future, while the very river that once sustained life was buried beneath layers of concrete.

The floods of the 1930s, which should have served as a wake-up call to the unsustainable development practices, instead spurred a rush to further pave over the natural waterways. As Jeff Goldblum's character in Jurassic Park famously remarked, "Life finds a way." Despite our attempts to control nature, cracks in the concrete walls became unexpected canvases for artists, and over time, these fissures birthed their own ecosystems.

Now, nearly a century later, we witness the irony of watching the water needed to sustain life in the massive city rushes through channelized river at 70 mph out to sea. We are breaking the concrete in hopes of restoring the organic nature to the community. 

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